Meditation Techniques

Meditation is a millenary practice that basically consists in concentrating on something specific, be it a sensation of your body or in some particular thought. It helps you eliminate stress and mood swings as it directly affects the nervous system. It has also been proven to help reduce cholesterol and provide positive energy in general to your body and mind.

Before starting, make sure no one distracts you. Disconnect by turning off your phone, wear comfortable clothes and it is also important that you do not eat at least one hour before you meditate. It is also important to create the right atmosphere, you can use candles, incense, music and dim light. All this will help you relax more quickly.

To begin with, we will adopt a position in which you feel comfortable. The first position can be in lotus flower, sitting with legs crossed, hands on your knees and back straight. If you can not relax in that position, you can also try lying down with your legs slightly apart at your hips and your hands up. When you have achieved the most suitable position for you, with closed eyes we will breathe 21 times in a deep way. While we are doing it, we are going to think about experiences or places that help us relax. We will repeat this process 3 times with 30 seconds rest.

Another technique to meditate is to explore your body mentally, starting with the tips of your feet until you reach the head. Feeling in each muscle an energy that you direct and that flows through your body.

The third technique to meditate is to think about a specific goal, whether it is to lose weight, if you want to do well in the workplace or studies, etc. You have to focus your body on that goal and think about how you’re going to get it.

Meditation is a practice that will take you 5 minutes a day and will give many benefits to both your body and your mind. Practice it for a month and the results will surprise you.


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