As the name implies, it’s gymnastics in the water. In recent years has become very fashionable, especially in women as it is suitable for all ages, physical condition and is also the perfect sport for pregnant women.

Ideal for those people who suffer muscular tensions and want to recover the silhouette without suffering as in the normal gym because the water optimizes every movement that is made and helps increase muscle and respiratory tone in a more effective way.

Like any physical activity, you have to maintain a routine in order to achieve results. An average of two or three times a week is recommended. You will see results from the second month: better blood circulation, more toned body and greater cardiovascular capacity.

You do not need to know how to swim to practice aquagym in any of its modalities, the exercises are performed in a pool area that is shallower. It is also not necessary to invest a lot of money in materials to practice it, you only need a swimsuit and anti-slip footwear for aquatic media. The wellness centers or gymnasiums will already provide you with the other implements you need, such as water bikes, floats, etc.

The aquagym can be done on the beach and especially in swimming pools since it allows you to practice it at any time of the year and it becomes a perfect activity for this season, so there are no excuses for not doing it. Let’s go!


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